Telemarketing Services

Take advantage of an extensive menu of B2B teleservices, ranging from in-depth account penetration to high-volume sales and lead qualification, as well as response management.


Sales Leads & Development

Our calling teams are comprised exclusively of skilled professionals. They are trained in solution-selling, and they typically use a non-scripted approach. We’ll forge a strong, communicative partnership with your sales team and can even work directly into your CRM system for maximum efficiency.

List Development

PHBC Marketing provides our clients with large, accurate lists of contacts with specific roles/titles to match marketing and sales needs. If you are ramping up for upcoming events or considering new marketing campaigns, our team can help you identify the right people.

We offer two levels of service:

    • Title based development utilizes your desired list of titles and verifies name, address and contact details, including email. Whether your titles are high profile or deeply embedded within the company, PHBC Marketing verifies all data by phone.
    • Role-based development has evolved as the market has changed. PHBC Marketing understands that some desired roles or job functions can sit with many different types of executives at any given company. In many other cases, there is simply no industry standard for a job function. Using our proven methodology, PHBC Marketing can gather those nuanced job roles your company is looking for.

Inbound Lead Qualification

PHBC Marketing qualifies and verifies your inbound inquiries. This allows your team to focus on truly sales-ready leads. This also shortens the sales cycle and provides an environment to exponentially increase sales with the same amount of overall aggregate leads. This is what we define as “working smarter not harder”.

Whether your inquiries are generated from email, web, telephone or direct mail, we can give you a global view of your sales pipeline and help pinpoint the best and worst performing marketing tactics.

      • Dedicated inbound lines
      • Automatic call routing
      • Set-up and manage Click to Chat for websites
      • Normalization of inquiry record formats across all inbound modes
      • Support for all popular relational database formats
      • Direct entry into client CRM systems
      • Complex lead routing with customized formats
      • Sophisticated reporting and analytics

Appointment Setting

Not all appointment setting programs are similar. We deliver sales-ready telephone and/or in-person meetings with prospects, avoiding the need to tie up your high-value sales resource in non-revenue-generating activity.

We don’t stop at delivering a contact name, date and time – our appointments are enriched with intelligence on the prospect’s specific business plan or requirement.