Industry-Specific Call Centers

PHBC Marketing Provides Customized Industry Specific Call Centers 

Industry Call Centers

We offer commercial contact centers, as well as in-house call centers with our focus in political, healthcare, education and insurance industries.

Commercial Contact Center

PHBC Marketing’s Virtual ACD can be used for call centers to replace, augment, or enhance existing hardware and infrastructure. These powerful interface tools, existing CRM packages can be seamlessly integrated into our agent user interface. Transport mechanism independence lets you keep existing desk-set wiring, or allows for easy replacement using existing Ethernet connectivity to the end user.

Call centers can immediately begin using off-premise and home-based agents to expand business, lower costs, and easily handle spiky overflow traffic.

Cross-center routing provides an easy way to partner with other call centers for overflow while maintaining complete control over call routing.

Our middleware integration package allows us to directly control certain telephony equipment, letting you maintain and exploit existent carrier contracts.

In-House Call Centers

If you want to keep your service representatives in-house, PHBC Marketing’s hosted call center solutions provide an easy-to-use, incredibly powerful tool that can enable you to compete with anyone in your industry, without the need to invest in expensive hardware, redundant circuitry, and in-house technical expertise. While there are some low-cost systems you might consider, our system competes with six- and seven- figure platforms, with more safeguard redundancy, efficient training, and ultimately a lower total cost of ownership.

Not For Profit/Political

The predictive dialing capabilities of the PHBC Marketing call center platform allow for a much more efficient use of a volunteer’s fundraising, awareness, or persuasion campaigns. Our simple-to-use phone-only interface can b taught to first-time users in just a few minutes, yet provides powerful call detail reporting capabilities, as well as up to a 300% increase in live contacts.

We also provide an automated method for volunteers to connect constituents to their corresponding governmental representatives with the click of a mouse or the push of a touch-tone. Volunteers/call center agents can work from home on a landline, or in a dedicated environment using POTS, TDM, or VOIP connectivity.

Colleges, Universities and Trade Schools

Fierce competition for leads among many colleges and trade schools means you need to “strike while the iron is hot”. Often, leads will be delivered to multiple schools, and the first school to respond has a large advantage over subsequent contacts. PHBC Marketing’s system allows leads to come in, in real time and is populated into our hosted predictive dialing system. As long as a call center agent is logged on, these leads can be contacted within minutes of submission. This short duration of time between submission and live dial has a higher degree to convert to a new client or customer.