Hosted Call Center Solutions

PHBC Marketing provides a suite of hosted call center management products.  With almost no up-front costs, unlimited scalability, and better flexibility, our system works to achieve all your call center goals. We can enable you to easily and seamlessly create a workforce of at-home and/or location-based call center agents, allowing you to focus on your business instead of your infrastructure.

Potential Call Center

If you are looking for Inbound ACD, Outbound Dialing, Call Tracking, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), or any other contact center technology needs, PHBC Marketing has a proven, stable, cost-effective call center solution for you!

Gain an Edge

To be competitive as a call center operation in the 21st century, your company must navigate the challenges of starting up. Equipment, training and taking on additional overhead are just some of the challenges. Your call center agents, as a baseline must provide superior service. PHBC provides the tools that will help your call center agents potentially increase, as well as sustain your revenue stream.

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

PHBC Marketing recognizes that with a superior telecommunications partner this unleashes the potential power of your company. Our Software-As-Service model delivers the tools that empower your company’s call center agents to operate at their peak productivity. PHBC Marketing’s suite allows your staff to be effective, efficient, and precise.

Our call center services are offered on demand and are available as your company’s needs change. There is no wasted cost or idle resource — an expensive and crippling situation frequently experienced in traditional call centers. PHBC Marketing’s SaaS culture can create a winning environment for your company and your customers.

Hosted Contact Center Technology

Advances in telecommunications technology have created strategic advantages for call centers that utilize the power of hosted services over legacy, premise-based call center solutions. Maintaining in-house equipment means large up-front costs and infrastructure commitments. Every year, technology maintenance and upgrades, as well as scaling needs, demand costly outlays that hinder your company’s growth and create distractions to your company’s goals. PHBC Marketing’s hosted call center solutions, our leading-edge telecommunication infrastructure becomes an extension of your company, ensuring your peace-of-mind advantage over the competition.

PHBC Marketing’s system administrators, business analysts, and engineering professionals guarantee an uptime that exceeds the industry standards while mitigating the need for a team of dedicated IT personnel on-site. With our hosted solution servicing your call center, your company can respond profitably to fluctuating market and customer demands. Whether you have two seats or two thousand seats — at one location or many, PHBC Marketing will provide a seamless contact center technology infrastructure and customized, comprehensive service when you need it.

The team at PHBC Marketing has been providing hosted solutions for call centers for more than fifteen years. Our experience in providing customized solutions, typically with our core suite, means most new clients need little or zero additional programming. This means your call center operation can be up and running, with greater efficiency, in weeks not months. Our organization works with talented solutions engineers and dedicated client service personnel to; analyze your needs, and tailor the perfect call center solution for your business or organization.

Industry Specific Call Center Solutions

Not sure we are the proper team to assist your business?  Read more about specific industries we have assisted on the Industry-Specific Hosted Call Center Solutions page.