Consulting Services

Make the move to a metrics-driven approach, aligning marketing and sales operations to improve lead management and close the loop on your demand generation efforts.

Consulting Services

Our consulting group brings together experienced demand generation strategists, operations experts, and delivery managers who will collaborate with your sales and marketing functions. Their mission: to improve overall efficiency, enhance lead management processes and ensure true closed-loop reporting.

Three core practice areas exist around the demand center operations: Sales Operations, Internal Sales/Tele-prospecting and Marketing Operations. During a consultation, we will ensure that goals are aligned across all three functions enabling them to work as a single, cohesive mechanism to generate, qualify and convert leads.

During the process, we’ll conduct a thorough exploration of each area to identify weak links, overlaps, and inefficiencies. We will optimize existing systems and help you implement proven best practices to address any issues revealed.

Our Resolution Method

During our consultation, we will ask an array of questions to help determine the best course of action for your company.  Here are some of the questions we will set out to raise and resolve, although it certainly isn’t exhaustive.

  • Feedback and reporting – Are you closing the loop between Field Sales, Internal Sales, and Marketing?
  • Sales & Marketing systems – How effectively have your existing tools been implemented and configured for your needs? Does the front end require customization and do end users need further training to extract full benefit?
  • Best practices: Sales – What process and system changes need to be made to optimize lead qualification, lead flow, lead acceptance, opportunity creation and tracking?
  • Best practices: Marketing – What process and system changes are required to improve data management, segmentation, and targeting, search engine optimization, form management, email marketing, lead nurturing and lead scoring?
  • Lead stage definition – Is each stage clearly defined, along with ownership or accountability? Are there any disconnects in the hand-off between marketing and sales? What happens to non-leads that require nurturing and re-engagement?
  • Daily calling metrics – How does your inside sales methodology stack up against industry best practice?
  • Benchmarking – Are you able to manage expectations within a framework such as a Sales and Marketing Service Level Agreement (SLA) that spans the entire lead lifecycle?
  • Performance management – Are you able to directly measure ROI at campaign or activity level? What metrics, reports and dashboards need to be established in order to effectively monitor team, individual and pipeline performance?
  • Efficiency and economy – How can the wider commercial organization leverage marketing as a shared service?